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Making the world beautiful,

one dog at a time.


When we say luxury, it doesn’t stop with just accommodations. Imagine the ultimate spa experience. It might include a shower with luxurious shampoos, and a stylist to create a fresh new look.  


Dogs can get more out of grooming than a new style.  A Pet Groomer can alert pet parents to their dog’s specific needs to keep them healthy and fit. Grooming can be as basic as a regular nail trim or bath and brush service, or maybe the pup is a fashionista and wants to run with the “best in show”.  Poodle trims, lion cuts, sporting clips and other breed-specific cuts are available. All dogs visiting the grooming salon need proof of current vaccinations.


Grooming Salon and Spa Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Pet Groomer


Vaccination Records and Fecal Test results are required.


Our prices are based upon the time involved in grooming your dog and vary according to breed, choice of haircut, length and condition of the coat.  Specialty clips are available and are priced according to the time involved.


Full Groom

For dogs that love to be spoiled; includes spa bath, conditioner, blow dry and brush out, scissoring and/or clipping to preferred specifications, nails and ears. Additional charges may apply if dog is matted.



Spa Bath

For dogs who deserve a little extra pampering. Specialty Shampoo and Conditioner, Blow Dry and Brush Out.  Additional charges may apply if dog is matted.


Medicated Bath

For dogs requiring special shampoo treatment for dry/itchy skin, hot spots, or allergic/sensitive dogs. Medicated Shampoo and Conditioner, Blow Dry and Brush Out. Additional charges may apply if dog is matted.


Blueberry Facial

Effectively removes dirt and tear stains. It has natural exfoliating activity and is gently hydrating.                                                            


Teeth Brushing and Breath Freshener

Dental care is one of the best ways to help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy.


Nail Trim

When your pet just needs a nail clip and grind to ensure paw health.




The pad hair is trimmed, paws washed, trim and grind those long nails, conditioning paw lotion is applied.


Nail Pawlish

Your dog is a Fashionista!



Sanitary Trim

Trim genital area to clean soiled fur, which helps reduce matting and associated odor.



Anal Gland Expression

Helps prevent irritation and infection.



Shave and Clean Eye Area of Tear Stains

It is important to keep the eyes clear of excess fur for health reasons as well as just keeping your dog looking their best.



Ear Cleaning

Gently clean dogs’ ears, remove wax, dirt and odors.


Administer Medications and Supplements (no injections) $5 per day

A qualified Pet Caregiver will make sure your pet's medications are administered correctly; includes a pill pocket.


Frosty Paws Dog Ice Cream Treat $4

Ice Cream treat made for dogs that is yummy and good for them.  Let your dog be part of the party.


Gourmet House Food (per meal) $6

Serving natural and nutritious grain-free dog food.


Kong Dog Treat $4

One of our house Kong toys filled with peanut butter or cheese treats special for dogs.


Pee Pads $3 per day

These are placed in your pet’s suite for those who prefer to potty inside.


Photo and Text Update $6

We email or text photos of your dog playing in daycare.


Vet Visit Escort Fee $100

A qualified Pet Caregiver will escort your pet to the vet for emergency or a scheduled visit.

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