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At Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa, your pet’s safety is our first and foremost concern. Our 10,000 square foot newly constructed modern building has been specially designed as a pet care facility and follows design guidelines, specifications and layout recommendations for dog daycares and pet lodging facilities. 


  • High-efficiency HVAC system providing a healthy, odor-free, and comfortable environment greatly reducing the risk of illness for both pets and caretakers.

  • Temperature controlled throughout with fresh air circulating every six minutes, with separate venting systems for dogs and cats.

  • Several indoor play parks designed to provide your dog with a safe play space.  

  • Hospital-grade non-slip safety floors ensure good footing.

  • Floor drains throughout provide us the ability to effectively clean and disinfect offering a higher level of sanitation resulting in a healthier environment.

  • Animals and pet parents alike will enjoy our audio system consisting of 16 solid sound built-in speakers.  

  • Our 16-camera security system includes indoor and outdoor monitoring.

  • Completely protected by a monitored fire sprinkler system.

  • Three outdoor play parks include 10,000 square feet of safe and fun play space.

  • Care has been taken to assure that the “flow” of animals and caregivers addresses efficiency and safety.

  • Fully equipped kitchen where we prepare your pets meals.

  • Various sized luxury canine suites allow you to choose the suite that is right for your dog.

  • Spacious glass feline atriums offering window views and the opportunity for your cat to do a little bird watching.

  • Fully-equipped and professionally designed grooming salon and spa featuring academy-trained groomers.

  • A retail boutique that stocks high-quality items for pets and their families.

  • Acoustical soundproofing throughout the resort, including an outdoor sound absorbing fence.


Vermont is a place synonymous with environmentalism. Our building performs in the best manner possible to minimally impact the environment. We practice green in our everyday activities paying special attention to water, electricity and gas conservation, recycling and upcycling reusable materials.


Happy Tails Pet Resort and Spa is so much more than just a place to leave your pets when you can’t be with them.  It’s where they’ll grow and develop positive behavior, enjoy lots of exercise, socialize and learn how to be a more well-balanced pup.  At Happy Tails:

  • Dogs are never left alone; we are staffed 24/7/365.

  • Caregivers, including Veterinary Technicians, have extensive experience working with all types of dogs and cats.

  • Caregivers are trained in pet CPR and pet first-aid.

  • We always use cleaning and ice-melting products that are certified safe for dogs and cats.

  • Pets thrive on good care, positive reinforcement, human attention and active playtime with their peers in our indoor play parks.

  • All overnight guests are pampered in our luxury dog and cat suites.  Hugs are always “free”.

  • We create an experience that provides your pup with a “home away from home” in a safe and fun environment.

  • Daily reports so that you can keep track of your pet’s progress and learn about new BFFFs (best furry friends forever).

  • Communication is key to a safe environment. Our caregivers all use radio Walkie-Talkies with Bluetooth headsets so they can communicate wirelessly; thus eliminating the use of loud speakers and raised voices.



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